Over the Thanksgiving weekend I decided to start my second month of streaking in 2014.  For non-runners, streaking might mean this:


For runners, streaking means you run at least a mile per day for a period of time.  In April I did this and it really helped me to find my love of running again.  Most of my runs that month were short in distance and without my watch.  I have plenty of familiar routes around my house so I knew the distance already and just ran for feel.

On Thanksgiving morning I was wasting time on Twitter and saw a number of tweets about the Runner’s World Run Streak.  The basic idea is that you run each day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s.  Since my family and I were doing the Gobble Hobble on Thanksgiving and I already had plans to run on the following Friday, Saturday and Sunday, I decided to join in.  Although my long runs of marathon training have gone really well, I definitely feel I’ve fallen short on my mid-week training.  Even short runs done on a regular basis will help with muscle memory and hopefully help to get me ready for my marathon in a few weeks.

Before even hitting the first week, however, I’m really testing my motivation.  I always struggle with finding balance between family life, work and my own individual interests.  I want to set the example for my kids and expose them to an active lifestyle, but I never want them to look back and think that I missed things with them because of my training.  Wednesday was a busy day.  It meant PLC meetings after school (teacher speak for a weekly department meeting).  Once I got home it was time to supervise my kids’ homework.  My 6th grader asked me to check her math homework, which is no longer a fast process.  In order to check it I had to sit down and learn how to do it myself!  After homework was dinner, followed by putting up the Christmas tree and decorations with my family.  Bedtime traditions here are 30 minutes of individual reading followed by me going upstairs to say prayers.  My plan was to run as soon as prayers were finished.  Then my husband started watching Prison Break on Netflix.  We watched the whole series a couple years ago and it is highly addicting.


Next thing you know, I’m hooked on a second episode and comfy on the couch in a blanket.  I ended up falling asleep on the couch.  At 11:25 P.M. I woke up, realizing I hadn’t yet ruined my new streak.  I bundled up and got in an easy 1.35 mile run and it felt great.  Although the pace wasn’t extraordinary and the distance was nothing exciting, I felt proud that I still got the run in.

Knowing that the rest of the month will be filled with lots of kid activities, end of the semester grading and planning at school and time to enjoy the season, I decided on my run tonight that I have to make my runs happen in the morning, before school, activities and family time.   Most of the runs will be less than 3 miles and most will be at an easy pace, but I think the end of the month will have me stronger, create a sense of accomplishment and hopefully a habit of exercise even during the week when things get crazy.

So, right now, I have completed day six of the #RWRunStreak.  Here’s to 30 more!


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