Do you ever really feel ready?

More often than not I tend to be counting down towards something, anticipating a big event in life.  Graduations, wedding day, arrival of babies, new jobs.  Major life events.  And races.  Ha.  This anticipation leads to nerves, which often leads to not feeling ready.  I love being challenged, I’m sure that is why I get nervous with all of these events.

This weekend I have my first triathlon of the year, and my third triathlon ever.  It’s safe to say I’m in worry mode, and have been there for a few weeks.  This Sunday, I will tackle Legend 100, a race in Lawrence, Kansas consisting of a 2 mile swim, 80 mile bike, 18 mile run.

legend 100

When I signed up for this distance as part of the training for my ironman in August, I chose it because I wanted to go beyond the 70.3 distance to feel more comfortable when IM Boulder arrives.  Now that Legend 100 is upon me, I’m not feeling very ready or confident.  My long runs haven’t gone above 13 miles since December when I did the Rocket City marathon.

My hand and elbow are still healing from my bike crash last week so I’m nervous about the swim (specifically peeling off the wetsuit and whether I take half of my elbow skin with it) and the bike (I’m still not able to grasp much of anything with my left hand).

Now add to that the race day forecast: Hot and Humid.  Specifically it will feel like 92 degrees in the afternoon when I’m to the run.  I’ve not gotten in much heat training because it’s the beginning of summer and most of my workouts are in the morning.

legend 100-3

I keep reminding myself that I’ve been training a lot more and a lot more consistently than last year when I tackled the 70.3 distance.  I have a good foundation in all three sports and while my long runs haven’t been above 13 miles in 6 months, I’ve been getting in double digit long runs mostly every week for the last 8 months.  That should help.  Right?

All this to say, I know part of tapering is worrying about nothing.  Raceday will be exciting, fun at times, challenging at times and I’m sure I will learn a lot from it that I will apply to IM Boulder.  There are lots of things about the weekend I’m looking forward to.  The race organizers seem to have done a really great job with race setup and logistics and my husband is from KS so we’ll get to hang out with the in-laws prior to the race.  I also keep reminding myself that I love doing this and the journey is half the fun.

Ready or not, Legend 100, I’m coming for you!

legend 100-2


3 thoughts on “Do you ever really feel ready?

  1. Trust the process, your training, and your abilities!! We can’t control the weather, but we can control our attitude about everything we encounter on race day…there is lot’s of smiling and fun to be had on Sunday. I can’t wait to meet up with you in Lawrence!! I’ll pm you my cell number so we can meet up 🙂


  2. Great job today! Can’t wait to hear about it all. I completely missed the fact that this was actually longer than 70.3. That’s one hell of an accomplishment, and one huge step towards completely your Ironman. I hope you learned all you expected to today, both about yourself, and about your nutrition plan. You’re an inspiration : )


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