IM Boulder- Official Pictures

I still need to do my actual race report, but until then, I’ll just share my pictures from the day.  I usually don’t buy official pictures from races, but hey it’s my first Ironman, I can justify the crazy prices, right!?!?

Boulder Reservoir where we swam

I am at the back of this picture in the pink cap and the sleeveless wetsuit.

1111_033393 1111_033394 1111_034961 1111_038161 1111_038162 1111_040239 1111_071429 1111_071430 1111_074492 1111_076025 1111_076026 1111_076027 1111_081237 1111_081238 1111_081239 1111_084873 1111_084874 1111_086684 1111_086685 1111_086686


3 thoughts on “IM Boulder- Official Pictures

  1. Great photos! The hear on cycling photos look insanely good (like magazine cover worthy)! And the actual “cross the finish line” pics alone justify the cost (and will likely be my FB profile pic for the rest of my life). Definitely worth the splurge. A great souvenir of all the training, early mornings, day long training bricks, sacrifices, pain, doubt, and victory. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait for the race report!!!


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