My slowest 5k ever

On Saturday my tri club held a 5k event, a special kind of challenge that is a bit different than your typical 5k.  Called “Up A Creek”, the entire event takes place in a creek bed.  In some spots there was just sand and mud, other spots the water was up to my belly button.  There were logs to climb over or under, mud, sand, rocks, water and more. 19 people from my tri club took part, including my husband who decided this would be a good first race ever!  We all got slowed down, got dirty and had a blast.

My official time was 44:52, which was good enough for 3rd female.  To put in perspective the difference of this vs. a normal 5K, the fastest time 32:56.   I can say that I think I smiled the entire way.  Here are the pictures.

Team Godzilla
Showing off our post-race smiles and dirty clothes.

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