I have a plan and goals for 2016!

I’m so excited to have some direction to my training.  While I’m still in an off-season, I’m staying active and making goals for 2016.


October 2015-April 2016- I’ve started a running club of sorts at the high school I teach at.  With the help of GO! St. Louis and a few teachers I’ve recruited, I’ll train high school students to go from no fitness base to a half marathon in April 2016.  I’m so excited to introduce students to this sport and experience the ups and downs of a first training cycle with them.  The initial response has over 75 kids interested.

Winter 2015-2016- My daughter and I will be doing the Frostbite Series in Forest Park in St. Louis.  She’ll be tackling some new distances and I’ll be right by her side.

Kentucky Derby Marathon- A friend of mine moved to Kentucky and mentioned this race to me.  I originally signed up for the half, but have decided that the timing and location will be great for me to go for a big PR at this marathon.

70.3- Muncie, Racine or Ohio.  I’ve not yet registered for any of these, but I know it will be one of these.  I’m going to really focus training next year on the half-iron distance and hope to make some big improvements there.

Fall Marathon- Debating between the Chicago marathon and the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall.  Again, I hope to take additional time off of my marathon performance from the spring.

I will have some smaller races mixed in, but these are the “A” goals for 2016.  In the coming weeks I’ll work back in to more focused training, addressing weaknesses and figuring out more specifics as far as times.  My huge, dream big portion of these goals would be to qualify for the 70.3 World Championships and Boston Marathon.

It feels so good to have a focus again.  I’m clearly someone who needs goals on the calendar, I just felt a little lost without them these last few months.